Photography is more than just a creative medium, it's a way to tell a story through the lens. I have over a decade of photography experience from weddings, engagements, gallery shows and more. However, during 2020 when the world paused I really began to re-evaluate my talent. It wasn't good enough for me to take good headshots without any substance behind it. It has never about followers or being known but at my core I want to create art that matters and a beautiful cologne when the wearer has left a room. 


The way I shot and how I viewed people through my lens shifted. The goal isn't a beautiful photo, anyone can do that... the goal is to stir up conversation, to photograph people in a new light. Forgoing traditional photography approaches for a more organic creative approach while still keeping technique. Prisms, light flares, long exposure light painting and other in camera enhancements have become my niche. 


I can close my eyes and visualize a concept, a pose, a moment and bring that to life. It is such a rare relationship with a creative outlet (I think) but it brings me so much joy. People often ask me to categorize my photography and the only word I can come up with is; creative. I have an end result to deliver but the process is like a tapestry that can only be formed in the moment. Imagine a painter with a blank canvas, all the tools and paint colors.... the painter begins to converse with the subject, takes note of light... facial expressions... outside elements and creates a product unique to that individual. 


If you close you eyes at a concert and just listen to the music, the crowd reactions or the lyrics being sung, how would you convey that into a photograph? That is how I approach tour photography! It is a mix of blending the artist with the audience and having that translate into a visual moment for those that aren't in the room to feel. 


If you ever get the chance to work with me know you're going to have a great time! I love getting to know who I am working with and crafting a shoot uniquely characterizing their personality or capture what is happening in a room.


Thanks for stopping by!


 <3 MNP



Bethany Joy Lenz | Variety 2023

Bethany Joy Lenz | Hello! Magazine




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