Photography is one of the purest art forms. Photography freezes time, it plucks out a second in the present to be remembered forever. From a child taking their first steps to a bride embracing a teary-eyed dad for the last time as a single woman, photography has become a cornerstone for those treasured moments. It has the power to leave the viewer puzzled, distressed, angry, or delighted. It can transport the subject into a new mental capacity whether that be through personification or embodiment. Photography tells a story and will always demand attention from its audiences. 

Melissa has a B.A in Graphic Design and brings those design elements into her photography. She specializes in creative, commercial, and wedding photography. Melissa has been into photography for over 10 years and decided to put that passion into business. She has traveled across the east coast and midwest sharing her talents through festivals and photography bookings. Anyone can take a photo but it takes a special kind of photographer to make it an experience; join her story....MNP Photography.




Creating Captivating Moments that last a Lifetime


Commercial/Editorial, Landscape, Portraiture, Wedding/Engagement and creative photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas.

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