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This is a question I get often when I talk about my creative approach to how I view photography. In a world so focused on social media following and overnight successes I try and avoid mimicking someone else's style. Not to say I don't appreciate other photographers and their creative approach, I do! I think that at this point in time it is crucial to hone my own skills and produce the highest quality creativity I can for myself. My creative interests have been focused on how light interacts with glass, prisms and how to bend light.

I want to be unique and have people I work with leave with a better understanding of who I am as a creative and my photography style. We have all heard the saying something along the lines of enjoy the journey and it's not about the destination. Now put that in photography terms and I enjoy the moment and quality time with my client or the moments within a live event and when I sit down to edit I see the destination or the final product. My goal, although the final product is key, is always enjoying the process. I have been guilty of just trying to get through shoots and missing so many moments of connection in the process. 

I was also asked "whats the point?" What is the point of photoshoots, the bigger picture if not just pure vanity. Sure you have reasons sometimes like a wedding etc but creatively I do things I have dreamt up in my mind and want to execute. Does it have a purpose immediately? maybe not to the normal eye but in that dreaming up I have thought about those I want to execute my vision and there is a purpose in that. Often times it is to break them out of a box, sometimes take them to a different headspace creatively. Other times it is to spend time with them and talk about bigger things beyond photography.... remember the journey? yep. 

I have big dreams, some seem silly and unreachable but they're dreams for a reason. Til next time friends! 




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Welcome!! MNP. Where do I begin? First of all thank you for stopping by! I am elated to see my vision of a Photography and Design company unfold before my eyes. Lots of hard work and sometimes little sleep but I would not trade that for anything! I have a passion for photography and a drive to push boundaries and find new ways to be on the cusp of creativity. I use fun tools sometimes like the Pixel Stick or Lensball to bring a different element to my work. 

Thank you again for stopping by and I will hopefully be updating regularly! If you have questions, comments, or have an idea for a photoshoot and you're wondering if it can be done message me! I am looking forward to collaborating with make up artists, models, costume designers, set designers etc if you are a creative and want to do something together also contact me. 

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